Stallion Application
Nebraska Thoroughbred Breeders Association


Acrobat Required Stallion Application Stallion

In order to register a stallion for purposes of making his foals eligible as Class A Nebraska Breds, the stallion owner or lessee must file with the official registrar the Application for Registration of the stallion and the registration fee. Registration must be done prior to the time the stallion is put into service.
If the stallion is leased, a copy of the notarized lease agreement must be submitted with the registration.

A change in the ownership of a stallion cancels the registration, except in the case of a partial change of ownership or sale of a share or shares in a syndication that does not affect an existing stallion ownership agreement or syndication agreement. In the event of invalidation of a stallion registration due to change in ownership, the new owner or lessee must register the stallion with the official registrar.

Acrobat Required Stallion Application

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