Required Reports
Nebraska Thoroughbred Breeders Association


If required reports are not on file, the Nebraska Bred Certificate of Eligibility for a foal cannot be issued. Late filing of required reports may delay processing of the Breeder's Certificate and the issuance of a Nebraska Bred Certificate of Eligibility, and require a payment of a late fee.

Annual Broodmare Reports: An Annual Broodmare Report including the ownership of the mare, the location of the mares, the name of the stallion to which the mare was bred and the date of first and last service is due September 1.

Annual Stallion Report: An Annual stallion report of mares bred by Nebraska registered stallions is due September 1.

Outstate Stallion Reports: A stallion report for each broodmare bred to a stallion standing outside Nebraska, or bred to a stallion standing in Nebraska that is not registered with with the official registrar is due September 1.

Late fees will be accessed if the required Annual Broodmare Report is not provided to the official registrar by September 1